Procurement & Processing

We ensure meticulous care related to the procurement and the processing of our fresh, hygienic and delicious Milk.

Procurement & Processing


The handling capacity of Shruthi milk plant is 1.00 lac litres per day. Shruthi Milk has organized 6 Chilling centres and one full fledged processing / packing unit at Chittoor. The milk procurement is being procured from village level through our one of the former, who collect the milk from neighbors, which comes around 25 to 30 farmers and milk quantity around 250 ltrs to 300 ltrs / day. The farmer may give the milk to our agent after testing the Fat & SNF. This collected milk is transported from village to chilling centres and immediately they should chill the milk below 4°C to maintain the quality. The milk is transported to main plant for processing and onward product manufacturing through insulated milk tankers. The shruthi milk has transparency in milk payment as the farmers gets pay slip depicting quantity of fat/ SNF contents of milk along with amount payable.


After procurement, the milk is taken for the all important testing and process as per PFA standers. We have Bactofuge machine, which remove the 100% Bacteria. Hence the milk quality get very good taste. We are processing major milk products in single roof.