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UHT Milk

Ultra High Temperature treated milk packed in aseptic packages ensures that milk stays fresh for 90 days without any refrigeration (until it is opened). Aseptic packaging in Tetra Fino Aseptic (TFA) is a world class packaging technology for perishable liquid products from Tetra Pak, the world leaders in liquid food packaging. TFA packages cannot be tampered with nor can they be opened and resealed. Milk in TFA can be consumed directly without the need for boiling.

UHT milk market size in India currently stands at 7 LLPD (Lakh Litres per Day). National brands like AMUL, Nestle, Britannia and major regional players like KMF dominate this market. UHT Milk is available in Tetra Brick Aseptic (TBA) 1L packages and Tetra Fino Aseptic (TFA) 500ml packages. UHT Milk is growing at a CAGR rate of 34% in India. South India – leading from the front The market size of UHT milk in South India is currently 2.5 LLPD. Major players in South India are KMF and Visakha with their brands Goodlife and GoodMilk. In South India UHT Milk is available in TBA 1L, TFA 500ml and TFA 200ml. Of these three SKUs, TFA 500ml has 90% category share.

UHT Milk is growing at a CAGR rate of 50% in South India, with TFA 500ml being the key growth driver.


Skimmed Milk Powder Plant is one of the most wanted for the milk industry. Most of the medium and large milk dairies have their own Powder Plant. SMP take main part in production of milk for improving SNF in the milk. All the dairy industries are using SMP for their production. We may use the powder plant for making the liquid milk into value added products also. SMP is mostly used for dairy whitener with addition of sugar with that. 30% of our SMP production is used by our self only and the balance 70% of our production will be supplied to the small milk dairies they don’t have their own Powder Plant. So marketing of the SMP is not a constraint to us.


India derives nearly 33% of the gross Domestic population from agriculture and has 66% of economically active population,engaged in agriculture. The share of livestock product is estimated at 21% of total agriculture sector. The fact that dairing could play a more constructive role in promoting rural welfare and reducing poverty is increasly being recognised . Milk production alone involves more than 70 million producers, each raising one or two cows/ buffaloes primarily for milk production . The domesticated water buffalo is one of the gentlest of all farm animals ,hence it can be breeded easily. The dairy sector offers a good opportunity to entrepreneurs in India. India is a land of opportunity for those who are looking for new and expanding markets.Growth propsects in the dairy sector are very bright.

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